“At Peace with My Past” Mala


With a gorgeous collection of faceted moonstone, jasper, jade, sandalwood, lapis lazuli, clear quartz and more (each one made to order so expect a slightly different collection of multi stones, with the main body being moonstone).  This mala is exceptionally healing. Moonstone is the “stone of new beginnings” and is deeply connected to the feminine, psychic intuition, clairvoyance, lucid dreams and the Divine Goddess.  Let this piece of healing jewelry bring you home to your Divine Mother and be released from any past trauma.

On the guru bead is the tibetan chant “Om Mani Padme Hum” which translates to:
OM: universal sound
Mani: Jewel
Padme: Lotus
Hum: Indivisability

My intention is for this mala to bring you a deep peace and the ability to release all negative psychic cords that hold you back from your highest good.